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Open up your local servers with a single click

Broad Support
Supported out of the box by most consumer routers

No Login Required
Knowing the router password is not required


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This release primarily aims to correct smaller bugs and upgrade all third party dependencies to their respective latest revisions:

* Fixed an issue which may cause issues on some less reliable router implementations
* Upgraded log4j to the latest version
* Upgraded Kotlin to the latest version
* Upgraded Protobuf to the latest version

*Note:* This update does not change the service definitions. An updated copy of all service files is included regardless as Protobuf has been updated.


This release aims to improve compatibility with some specific router models:

+ Added a check to detect devices without the AddPortMapping RPC endpoint
+ Added a check to detect devices without the DeletePortMapping RPC endpoint

*Note:* This release does not change any of the service definitions.


This release introduces a workaround for an [issue within one of our dependencies]( which prevents application startup on Java 12 and newer.

* Replaced the external address JFXTextField with a standard TextField

*Note:* This release does not introduce any changes to the service definitions.


This release fixes a crash which could occur when the user's router responds too slowly or fails to provide an external gateway address:

* Prevented null values from being written to the JavaFX text fields
+ Added a fallback string for cases where the gateway address has not yet been discovered or is unavailable

*Note:* This update does not alter the service definitions.


This release aims to address an issue which causes errors to go unnoticed when they occur on a
thread other than the main thread:

+ Added explicit error handling for preload callbacks
+ Added handling of uncaught exceptions

*Note*: This release does not provide changes to the service definition library.


This is a bugfix release which aims to address issues which may prevent a clean application startup on systems with Java 8 in their `$PATH`.

+ Added logging of the native Bytecode version
+ Added a check which prevents the launching of the application on Java 8 instances
+ Added a Swing dialogue which is displayed when starting on an incompatible JVM instance

*Note:* This release does not contain any updates to the service definitions.


This release addresses issues regarding the issue-reporting of the application:

+ Added support for logging to a file
+ Added a command-line switch to override the log output directory
+ Added a button to the credits screen which directs users to the log directory

*Note:* This release does not contain any updates to the service definitions.


This release is a complete rework of the original Beacon application and aims to fix the shortcomings of v1.x.

+ Rewrote the application in Kotlin
+ Added support for service repositories
+ Improved UPnP detection and error handling
+ Added lease durations to prevent accidental creation of indefinite port mappings
+ Added a field which displays the external host address
+ Reworked the entire branding
- Removed support for custom services

Please note that users only require a copy of either Beacon.exe or Beacon.jar. All *.dat files will be retrieved automatically by the application upon startup.


+ New less Minecrafty Design
+ New service templates (including Rust, Killing Floor 2 and Starbound)
* Some code cleanup


- Fixed a bug where an unsupported locale crashes the entire application instead of falling back to English


- Fixed an issue where NAT leases only stick for 30 seconds per registration



Copyright 2016 .start <>
and other copyright owners as documented in the project's IP log.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
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